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January 3, 2013
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Mamma!Italy!Vater!Germany X Toddler!Reader

"Vater! Vater!" A young girl's voice cries filled the darkened house, Italy groaned in his sleep, turning gently away from the sleeping German and towards the door leading to the hallway and falling back asleep again. A rumble of thunder shot through the house. "VATER!" _______ screamed, making Italy fly up in shock. "Veee- ________ I'm coming Bella!" He ripped the covers off him and Germany, rushing into the young nation's bedroom "Mamma!" She sobbed as Feliciano flicked on the light switch. "Shhhh… Bambino… Mamma is here" Italy lifted the toddler into his arms and rocked her gently. "I heard a bang" She sobbed and tangled her tiny hands in Italy's shirt while's hiding her head in the crook of his neck. __________ was three years old; she had (red/blonde) Hair with beautiful (blue/caramel) coloured eyes, which were now red and puffy from crying... "Don't worry Bella, It's just Thunder, do you want to sleep with me and Vater tonight?" Feli whispered to his child gently. Continuing to rock her as she answered "Si…" She whispered back, wrapping her small chubby arms around his neck, tightening when the sound of thunder rumbles in the sky or a flash of lightening highlights the room.

Once Italy shut down the lights again and hurried into his and Ludwig's bedroom, the blonde German was sat up in bed with his bare chest showing. His light blonde fringe covered his light blue eyes softly. "Vater…" _________ groaned sleepily, outstretching her arms to her daddy. "Liebling" He said peacefully, holding out his arms. Italy travelled over with ________ to Ludwig and placed their child in his arms, she cuddled up closer to the blonde as soon as their skin touched. Italy climbed back into the warmth of his bed and starting falling asleep straight away, with his daughter snuggled in the middle of him and Luddy. Germany gently hushed the (red/blonde) haired girl to sleep within seconds. "Gute Natch" Ludwig whispered, kissing _______ gently on the forehead, then leaning over to peck his spouses cheek. "buonanotte" Italy whispered unconsciously, holding __________ tighter as they slept.
Slight Yaoi

Okay. I know it's not long... Because i seem to suck at long stories, never understood why O.O But... I hope you like it... Cause i know i do :P

I don't own Italy and Germany (Hetalia) nor you :D
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s1mr4n Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2014
I have red/black hair colour and brown/hazel cour eyes.......close enough!

Gertia is a awesome ship!
ButterscotchRipple77 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Artist
iloveanimewhatwhat Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
So cute!! Do you take request?
ItabbyCat101 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yes, however i haven't been home much recently. What are you requesting? :)
iloveanimewhatwhat Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
possibly a mama china x baby reader x papa japan. if its alright.
ItabbyCat101 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It will come along shortly, things have came up and i'll be not very active for a few weeks :/ 
nekokitty35 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconermahgerdplz: it's so KAWAII!
MattSmithDoctor Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Can you make more one shots based on this! :D
Female-Canada Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's actually Vati... For father... But I may be wrong...

Nice story!!
ItabbyCat101 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I do German, but it would be cute to be Called Vati though. Thank you for reading
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